New collaboration with University of Sheffield


Green Roof Safari has joined forces with the Green Roof Centre at the University of Sheffield. On 17 March 2010, a "green roof walking safari" will take place in Sheffield, as part of the Economic and Social Research Council Festival of Social Science. Christine Thuring, of Green Roof Safari, will work with the Green Roof Centre to take participants to six green roofs in the centre of Sheffield, many of which are normally out of bounds.

Sheffield, England – 1 February, 2010

Green Roof Safari's participation in the Festival of Social Science is a positive collaborative exchange of expertise and experience. For Green Roof Safari, this collaboration opens the scope of its green roof study tour from continental Europe to include green roofs in England.

The essential nature of the study tour remain intacts, with its mandate of providing access to countless and diverse projects, meetings with local experts, and extensive information and technology transfer facilitated by knowledgeable, multi-lingual guides.Given the expertise and professional network which define the study tour, group interests can often be tailored with flexibility.

Beyond its new English range, the study tour otherwise focuses on the Upper Rhine region (Frankfurt to Basel) of Germany and Switzerland. According to Christine Thüring, Co-founder and Manager of Green Roof Safari, “this area includes many green municipalities, the core of the German green roof industry, and some of Europe’s most important research institutes.” Moreover, this region contains a tremendous diversity of projects, including solar architecture, vast extensive roofs, living roofs designed for biodiversity, award-winning roof gardens, and much more.

Green Roof Safari has the creative capacity to answer questions and interests thanks to its strengths of multi-lingual translation, inherent expertise, project access, and a supportive network. As substantiated by the 2008 study tour, participants come away with experiential knowledge, broadened horizons, detailed documentation and valuable contacts.

In addition to the intense professional focus, the study tour endeavours to include cultural jaunts and aperitifs with fantastic views. And with so many projects to choose from, Co-Founder Jörg Breuning points out that “accompanying spouses will have the chance for independent sightseeing in several cities.”


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