European Green Roof Tours Now Open for Registration


This September, Green Roof Safari will run North America’s first guided ‘green roof study tour’ of Germany and Switzerland.  Organized by green roof specialists, the tours will visit a variety of projects, meet and converse with local experts, and experience urban sustainable design from the rooftop vantage.

VANCOUVER, B.C. CANADA – June 2, 2008

Green Roof Safari, a collaborative venture between Jörg Breuning (Green Roof Service LLC) and Christine Thüring (Chlorophyllocity), has begun accepting registrations for two 6-day tours (Sept 8 – 13; Sept 21 – 27, 2008) focused on green roofs. With a maximum of 30 seats per tour, Green Roof Safari provides on-hand translation and expertise, comfortable travel, and guarantees experiential learning, networking opportunities, and cultural jaunts.

Extensive green roofs evolved in Germany as lightweight adaptations from the medieval sod roofs of Scandinavia. Since 2003, one in four flat roofs in Germany has been vegetated, with over 250 municipalities offering promotions, subsidies and/ or incentives for green roof implementation.

Green Roof Safari will spend 3 days and 2 nights in Stuttgart. An original Stuttgarter, Breuning comments: “Having worked in the German green roof industry from apprenticeship through independent business for +25 years, I look forward to re-visiting some of these projects with guests from North America.”  In 2003, Breuning came to the U.S. to start Green Roof Service LLC with Peter Philippi.

It is no coincidence that the study tours sandwich the World Green Roof Congress in London UK (Sept. 17-18). Thüring, who is Swiss-Canadian, helped to organize the 2005 World Green Roof Congress in Basel (Switzerland). Thüring comments: “I was deeply impressed by the positive impact the 2-day excursions from the Congress had on participants. Green Roof Safari will foster the same spirit for sharing and community.” Following 2 nights in Basel, Green Roof Safari will pass one night in the Swiss Alps and close its itinerary in Zurich.

Private and public professionals engaged in the North American green roof industry will take home broadened horizons, practical lessons, detailed documentation and valuable contacts. Steven Peck, Founder and President of Green Roofs for Healthy Cities, the North American green roof industry association, comments that “tours are an excellent, perhaps the best, way to network and learn firsthand about green roof designs and programs in other countries.

Green Roof Safari moved from Breuning and Thüring’s collective backburners in January 2008.  Both are committed to the advancement of green roof technology in North America.


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